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As an educator looking for a valuable resource to examine Australia’s diverse history or as a visitor to Australia and wanting to understand what makes Australia simply superb you can now experience this fantastic collection of videos and photographs designed to inform, entertain and even stimulate your senses...

…it’s a comprehensive base for Australian history and knowledge presented to you in a series of glorious photographs and videos that will enhance your perception of this wonderful country.

We are, Geerlings Digital Moments and, we are totally dedicated to the sharing of our stories with you as we travel throughout Australia.

“Australia and her people are simply amazing, prompting us to capture these snapshots recognizing firstly its history and also highlighting the diversity of her people and the inexplicable beauty of her locations” comments David Geerlings “We started producing these short documentaries and snapshots to capture the hundreds of untold stories we have discovered along the way”.

Geerlings Digital Moments share these stories about people, places and events.

These images and videos are interesting, entertaining and helped shaped Australia’s history.

Take a look at these enthralling documentaries


WW2 Tank Traps – The Brisbane Line

The Great Dividing Range runs along the east coast of Australia and during WW2 tanks traps placed in a narrow pass on the only all-weather road between Brisbane and the southern States of Australia. This project was part of a series of defense structures known as the Brisbane Line.

This would-be Australia’s second line of defense during those tumultuous years of WW2.


Alan Cunningham – The Great Explorer

Alan Cunningham was a humble but hardworking botanist and explorer in the early 1800’s. His contribution to Australia in the discovery of new areas and routes through difficult terrain, will lead to the development of some of the most important agricultural areas and transport routes today.




Moreton Bay – Castaways

How three shipped wrecked castaways who survived in one of the most remote and unexplored parts of Australia in the early 1800’s and would survive with the assistance from the local Aboriginals.
Their survival and rescue would lead to the founding of one of the largest cities in Australia.


Thunderbolt – Fredrick Ward

In the 1860’s bushrangers plagued numerous areas of eastern Australia, apart from the New England district of Northern New South Wales. When Thunderbolt arrived in the area, he became a folk hero bushranger. Apart from being one of the longest surviving bushrangers of the era, he had several other claims to his fame.


Captain Moonlight Part 1 of 4

Irish born Andrew George Scott was a qualified engineer, and worked in the Goldfields in New Zealand before fighting and receiving wounds to both legs in the Maori Wars. When he arrived in Australia, he intended to join the Anglican priesthood, but was convicted and began serving 6 years in gaol for bank robbery.



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John Dunn

This is a story about a young man who was seduced by the adventure and excitement of the life of a bushranger and outlaw. In trying to prove himself to the world he would do so in the worst possible way, at the end of the hangman’s noose.

Mad Dog Morgan

Born as John Fuller, and using several aliases he would ultimately been known as Mad Dog Morgan. He would be called "the most blood thirsty ruffian that ever took to the bush in Australia". He would strike fear into the people of southern NSW and northern Victoria. After shooting two policeman he would have a £1,000 bounty on his head.

Frank “Darkie” Gardiner

Frank Gardiner was a charismatic bushranger and gang leader, organising and leading the largest gold robbery in Australian history. He seduced no less than 23 men to join him in the life of an Australian outlaw “Bushranger”. Six of those men would be shot, three would hang, and those remaining would be caught and spend extensive periods or life in prison. Gardiner himself would be one of the few of his kind to live in freedom, eventually dying in America. The proceeds of the robbery would become a subject of mystery and legend.


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